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Independent test bench allowing the complete and detailed diagnosis on common rail pumps and injectors of the main producers (BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO).The bench is managed by a personal computer and the software includes a database with the parameters of pumps and injectors which may be updated also through internet connection.TEC100/B includes the capability to make special tests for DENSO pumps which controls individually the flow regulator valves.          
1. Dimensions (L×W×H): 1470×660×1200mm;Weight: 480kg
2. Automatic tests:    
 (1) Pumps: cranking, pressure loss, efficiency;
 (2) Injectors: back flow, pre-injection, cranking, medium and maximum rotation speed;
 3. Standard components:        
(1)  Bosch CP1 injection pump;     
(2) Based on industrial PC with windows operating system;  
(3) 15TFT color monitor;  
(4) Dedicated software for testing of BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO;  
(5) Database for pumps and injectors parameters, periodically updatable;
4. Measurement sensors:  
(1) Injectors nozzle output sensor  
(2) Injection pump output sensor
(3) Rail high pressure sensor
5. Measurement instruments:
(1) Pressure gauge/vacuum gauge at high pressure pump input
(2) Pressure gauge at high pressure pump output
(3) Pressure gauge for high pressure pump back flow pressure
6. Motor:
(1) Three-phase 4 poles motor
(2) Electronic drive with direct torque control DTC;
(3) Coupling joint ISO4008;  
7. Hydraulic system:  
 (1) Feeding pump: 0.12kw, 4.8l/min;
 (2) Oil thermal regulation, with temperature sensor, heater and heat exchange unit.
 (3) Capacity of testing oil tank: 50L;
 (4) Capacity of oil settling tank: 8L;
 (5) Testing oil type: DIN ISO 4113;

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