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TEC300 is a simple instrument that in its simplicity allows a complete and precise diagnosis of multi-brand pumps and common rail injectors (Bosch,Siemens,Delphi,Denso).The TEC300,combined with a traditional test bench with burettes, allows testing injection pumps and electro-injectors for diesel common rail systems .
1.    Technical characteristics
(1) software for quick tests on pumps and injectors;
(2) LCD color monitor;
(3) Injection pressure control;
(4) Piloting of the flow regulator (if fitted) on the pump under test;
(5) Control of the flow of the pump under test;
(6) Display of tables containing the normal values for the pumps and electro-injectors;
2.    The TEC300 simulator differs from the TEC200 model in the following details:
(1) Measurement of the injectors  flow is not automatic but takes place in the burettes of the test bench;
(2) Can test only 4 injectors at the same time instead of 5;
(3) The test results cant be memorized and  printed;
(4) To change over from the injectors  flow to the back flow the pipes connections must be changed; (the operation is simple because the tubes are fitted with quick coupling connections)
(5) The injectors and pump diagnosis is not automatic and must be done by the operator by comparing the obtained values with those displayed by the tables contained in the data bank of the test bench.

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