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IPC 100

IPC100 simulator is mounted on the traditional test bench (the power not below 11KW), can test contemporarily three injectors-pump (unit injectors) of the same brand and model or one at the time by simulating the working condition of unit injector. The bench can automatically test the unit injectors at three different speed: 500rpm,800rpm,1000rpm.  Besides the automatic tests, the operator can choose the free test and customize the sequence. The test result can be saved and printed.                   
1. Industrial computer, WINDOWS operating system, floppy disk, CD drivers, 2 USB ports.
2. Software for injector-pumps complete quick test, including a database with the parameters of the injectors existed on the market at the moment of ordering, the software can be periodically updated.
3. TFT 15 color monitor.                                                                                             
IPC100 test bench is form of simulator and trolley.    

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