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BD850-EMC, which is measured and controlled by the computer in real time, Parameters such as Rotation speed, temperature, count stroking, air pressure and advance angle etc are displayed on the computer, It is necessary testing equipments of diesel engines, auto and tractors manufactures, as well as ideal products of pumps repairing.

The test stand includes 5.5KW, 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW etc, according to its power.
Rotational speed, count, temperature, air pressure and advance angle are measured and controlled by computers in real time, then displayed by 15” CRT or LCD
Having the functions of over voltage, overload and short-circuit protection etc.
Ultra low noise
Built-in air source
All data can be made into reports
Changing frequency changing rotational speed continuously, high output torque, low falls of rotational speed
Operating position: arbitrary side of the two work sides of the test stand
High precision: high efficiency, save energy
Having the function of oil level displayed and alarm
Automatically generating and displaying speed curve
Constant temperature control

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