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In 1925 Francesco Rabotti created his first test bench and the good results encouraged starting mass production in 1926. Ever since then, fuel injection testing machines have been Rabottis main high quality production.
1995: saw the introduction of the first mass produced Common Rail test bench, and the good cooperation with the inventor of Common Rail, "CFR", more sophisticated machines for Research Centres and Universities were created.
2001: first commercial EUI (Unit Injector) fully automatic test bench was introduced on the market.
2002: commercialisation of the common rail Simulator adaptable on all conventional benches
2003: the first multi brand, multi make fully automatic Common Rail test bench.
2004: first commercial PLD (Unit Pump) test unit went on the assembly line.
2005: start to mass produce the first multi-brand, multi make automatic injector tester (mechanical, electronic, EUI).

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